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100 million for Solana, investments in Web 3 gaming

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Solana strong point, together with the exchange FTX, on the world of Web 3 gaming. In fact, a $ 100 million fund which will focus on the blockchain that is trying to undermine the primacy of ETH.

Fund that will have very interesting applications – and that we will see in the course of our in-depth analysis – and that pushes on gas of a cryptocurrency that is already close to its own all-time high.

Solana Ventures, FTX and Lightspeed focus on Web 3 gaming… and on Solana

Great news for those who already have SOL in the portfolio and for those who would like to add it now and are afraid of having missed the train. We are in fact facing a substantial investment that involves not only Solana, but also the famous exchange FTX with Lightspeed.

100 million of endowment, which will be used for new initiatives of Web 3 gaming. Initiative that will aim in all respects on the blockchain from Solana, which will be the reference point for the projects that will be developed, thus offering new growth margins for the reference token.

The fund will be used not only for the development of new games, but also to ensure the integration of the network of Solana in existing games and ecosystems, also taking into account the realities that make massive use of the world of NFT. A massive investment – the largest in history for Web 3 gaming – which will allow Solana to chase after projects that, in the sector, are decidedly more used, as indeed ETH.

Gaming is a great opportunity to bring billions of users to the Web3. High-performance blockchains like Solana are capable of delivering experiences for similar performance to Web 2, but on a decentralized network like Web 3.

This is the comment of Amy Wu, who is a Lightspeed partner and who acted as spokesperson for the project’s press conference. A project that is only one of those followed by the group, which has already invested in total over 300 million dollars in projects that connect blockchain And decentralized web.

What does this mean for Solana?

The $ 100 million investment allows on the one hand to have funds to incubate new games, and on the other hand to develop infrastructures that they can integrate Solana even in existing games. As for the network – everything will result in a greater number of developers that will be familiar with the Solana ecosystem – and at the same time will increase usage volumes, exerting bullish pressures on the reference token in the medium and long term.

All this while ETH it is still far away. But if this were to be the pace at which projects, including financial ones, are launched, come on SOL, the fame of ETH killer could actually be confirmed.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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