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After the growth comes a decline – SushiSwap the victim of a hacker attack

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hacker attack on SushiSwap
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After quite positive news about the decentralized SushiSwap exchange, there is a message that will not please the fans of this exchange very much. We have another hacker attack here. $ 3 million was stolen in ETH.

Hacker interest on SushiSwap

The attack took place specifically on MISO. It is a token platform that falls under the decentralized SushiSwap exchange. Initial estimates and statements from CTO Joseph Delong show that $ 3 million in ETH tokens was stolen.

Behind the attack is a man under the pseudonym AristoK3, who injected malicious code into the network. In this way, he was able to misuse the NFT token auction, which focused on cars. Delong assured stakeholders that all issues had been resolved.

According to the address provided directly by Delong, the hacker managed to steal 865.1 ETH. At current prices, it’s worth more than $ 3 million.

The CTO then requested assistance from FTX and Binance in order to obtain information on KYC. However, the competition has not yet been able to satisfy him. If funds are not returned, Delong will be forced to file a formal lawsuit through the FBI.

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