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Algorand is a protocol of the future

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Algorand protocol
Algorand protocol. Source: Shutterstock, Muhammed AKAN

Algorand as a network of the future which will dictate the trend in the long run? Very positive prediction, but not unrealistic. A very popular man from the world of cryptocurrencies, who is behind SkyBridge Capital, came with it. Anthony Scaramucci is clearly bullish in the case of ALGO.

Algorand is the future

Algorand is an open-source platform or so blockchain protocol for a new generation of financial products. It can compete with large payment and financial networks. The network also offers perfect smart contracts. Among other things, it also has a native ALGO token, which essentially serves as an exchange and store of value. Users can also use this token for staking.

In an interview with Real Vision, Scaramucci said that Algorand is a clear unit in terms of real-world use. On September 13, SkyBridge Capital entered into a significant partnership with NAX, which will bring a large number of digital applications based on the ALGO protocol.

“Skybridge is acquiring a series of major funds. The first fund will have $ 250 million available. The main goal is to give institutional investors access to the world of decentralized finance. We plan to organize a roadshow in six major cities to emphasize that Algorand will be the basic protocol of the future. “

According to Scaramucci, the future is directed into the hands of the three main networks, BTC, Ethereum and Algorand.

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