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As much as 72% of Shiba Inu’s wallets are in profit

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Shiba Inu Token
Shiba Inu Token. Source: Shutterstock, Avi Rozen
As much as 72% of Shiba Inu's wallets are in profit


Token Shiba Inu has been experiencing high price volatility in recent days, but it is still high 72% of holders are still in profit.

Shiba Inu holders in profit

According to the latest data from, it is up to 72% SHIB wallets in profit. In addition, 17% of holders are in modest loss. These are investors who bought at the moment of the huge hype, when the SHIB token reached an all-time high.

Investors who bought the token before the huge growth basically control most of the offer of Shiba Inu tokens. Data provided by the portal, further show that the concentration of large hodlers is up to 78%. This is not a good factor in terms of decentralization, as whales can manipulate the project at any time.

Shiba Inu watchmaking statistics

Shiba Inu watchmaking statistics. Source:

The analysis essentially identifies the average prices for all addresses with a SHIB token and the prices at which they were purchased. If the current price is higher than the average price, the address is in phase In the Money. If the current price is lower than average, the address is Out of Money, ie at a loss.

The huge number of wallets only proves the huge popularity of the SHIB token. This factor also results in a growing number of followers. From October 10 to November 8, the number of them increased by up to 31% of the total 926,684 followers.

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