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Avatars from the play to earn Mirandus Vox game will also work in the Town Star game

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Interoperability is coming strongly in play to earn games and now several companies are starting to work on allowing their avatars to be compatible with other metaverses.

So this is the case of Mirandus Vox which will have its avatars compatible with the Town Star farming game. Gala Games revealed the usefulness of voxel characters in a new blog post.

The Mirandus Vox NFT avatars will go on sale on December 6th. On December 6th, a total of 8,888 unique Mirandus Vox characters will hit the market.

Thus, these Vox characters represent the Exemplary heroes of Mirandus. Users who have the Vox and Exemplar Hero of the same type will unlock a boost inside Mirandus.

Therefore, each Exemplar hero type will have its own companion Vox character. When the player has both NFTs, the Exemplar hero character receives a significant boost.


Thus, each exemplary hero should sell for 3300 GALA, or about $1100. The most expensive ones cost upwards of $35,000. Each of these Exemplary heroes have certain characteristics that make them experts in, for example, hunting, crafting or fighting.

Additionally, Mirandus Vox NFT avatars will be useful in Season 2 of Town Star.

So placing them inside your farm will make players eligible for extra daily TOWN token rewards. However, earnings will be less than the earnings of Town Star Vox characters.

Gala Games announced earlier this month that the upcoming MMORPG Mirandus will have a playtest in December, during which players can earn Materium, a game token.

So, generally speaking, it can be said that Materium will become the main utility token for the Mirandus universe.

Gala Games describes Materium as a magical essence, although it is simply a token in the blockchain. However, in the game world, this essence allows players to enchant their weapons or bolster their armor.

Therefore, players can also use it to make elixirs and potions, or magically teleport items from one location to another.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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