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Boom of blockchain games | The best projects of now

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That of the gaming that meets NFT It is one of hot topics of the moment, both for investors and for technology enthusiasts of the blockchain.

In addition to boom of Decentraland in the last few days there have been others, in particular if related to the metaverse, prompted by the announcement of the transformation of Facebook. In our opinion, among many projects, at least for the moment, there are few that deserve the attention of those wishing to diversify their portfolio.

The best blockchain gaming projects: here are the strongest of the moment

Besides Decentraland, actually there is a lot going on on the front of the gaming linked to the world of games and metaverse.  MANA it is the strongest project, as his reach commercial is already at its peak, in addition to the presence of many large groups. Important realities that have chosen to operate on this metaverse engaging directly.

Let’s think about Atari with its discotheque with attached casino, but also to the recent Bansky auction organized by Sotheby’s, one first time for an event real so important. If we were on the hunt for the equivalent of BTC in the world of metaverse, we would have very few doubts. MANA is what we would like to include in our portfolio.

Second, but not far off: The Sandbox

From the name, for those who chew a little English, the attitude of this protocol should already be clear. Offers a framework, even to important commercial realities, to create their own metaverse, thus easily attracting both large franchise, both gamers looking for a little creative independence.

Here too the commercial collaborations are already very important. From Snoop Dogg to the franchise of the Smurfs, passing through RollerCoaster Tycoon to The Walking Dead. Always using the yardstick of classic cryptocurrencies, we could consider The Sandbox like ETH in relation to the market leader.

Axie Infinity: when the NFT world goes out of its rules

Axie Infinity, on the subject of games on NFT it was perhaps the protocol that best embodied the trends most appreciated by the market. Play to earn, that is, play to earn, a fun environment and great returns for those who commit themselves.

However, the most recent peculiarity of this universe is not related to the game. The last of the greats boom it is due to the birth of one swap in style Uniswap between ETH and the cryptocurrencies used in the game. I signal that even the protocols that were born for to play they can evolve into much more complex ecosystems.

A few surprises in the NFT world and games

There are some surprises, which in our opinion we should take into consideration after analyzing the protocols that are so interesting, but perhaps known to everyone.

Let’s start from Mines of Dalarnia, with cryptocurrency DAR, which has suffered a major backlash in the last few days due to technical problems in enrollment (problems resulting from an excess of interest in the protocol). It’s in the launchpad of Binance and we can buy it through this exchange.

Always staying on Binance, we believe that i Binemon, similar in style to Axie Infinity, but with a significantly lower market capitalization. With a free Binance account we have access to the cryptocurrencies that animate its operation.

Enjin Coin it is moving for its own Metaverse and has already capitalized on this new one trend of the market to appreciate protocols of this type. Among the less known ones we also find Illuvium, what on the plan playful perhaps it promises better. Game open world theme Fantasy, which reflects the success of very important commercial projects. It has already shown some gameplay, albeit via trailers – and we believe it will have a good appreciation in the medium and long term.

Ideas for those who want investing in blockchain games there are so many – this first study of ours will be a starting point for a world that promises well, both for those who want to have fun, as well as for those who love the speculative aspect.

Batistuta, Vieri and Del Piero in NFT

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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