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Does Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Invest in BTC or ETH?

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The name of Apple has been repeatedly approached to the world of cryptocurrencies and company always refused to comment on any additions to BTC and others crypto within its systems.

While this has no direct impact on company decisions, Tim Cook, the CEO of the company founded by Steve Jobs, admitted to having gods investments in cryptocurrencies, without specifying exactly the asset and leaving it to the readers’ imagination to dispel the doubt between BTC and ETH.

Tim Cook the crypto-investor: what the leader of Apple said

It’s actually not the first time that Tim Cook, Apple CEO continuously since the abandonment of Steve Jobs, is approached to the world of cryptocurrencies. The confidentiality note of the number one of Cupertino however, it has always left doubts about the actual existence of its investments.

Now, according to what was reported by CNBC, the leader of the company that produces iPhones and iPads would have admitted to having, within a well-diversified portfolio, also investments in cryptocurrencies, without however clarifying the nature of the same, or whether it is BTC you hate ETH.

I believe it makes sense within a diversified portfolio. However, I am not giving anyone investment advice. With Apple, I wouldn’t invest in cryptocurrencies, not because I wouldn’t invest my money there, but because I don’t think people invest in Apple stocks to get exposure to the crypto world.

A cryptic answer, which however at least in our opinion does not deny a possible commitment of Apple, in the future, in the world of cryptocurrencies. The one that was categorically discarded by Tim Cook it is indeed the possibility that Apple invests in cryptocurrencies. The company, in the case of future integration into its system Apple Pay it would still end up buying some, but not for investment purposes, but for liquidity for its systems.

What cryptocurrencies has Tim Cook invested in?

On ETH or BTC, according to what has already been circulated from the interview by Andrew Ross Sorkin. It is not known which of the two or if both are the main cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Issue that, given the confidentiality of Tim Cook, it will hardly be resolved soon. However, the fact that the CEO of the first company in the world by capitalization invests in Cryptocurrencies is another great sign for the industry. Which is no longer material for crypto-maniacs and fans of technological innovations, but also of very respectable eminences of the world of traditional economy.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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