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How coronavirus spreads: the web application shows confirmed cases on the map

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How coronavirus spreads: the web application shows confirmed cases on the map

Koronavirus 2019-nCoV is currently one of the most watched topics. The epidemic that started in China has claimed more than 130 victims. In recent days, the virus has spread to the world.


The fact that the media often reports only suspicions, which must subsequently be confirmed by laboratory tests, adds to the confusion of the situation. Given the coming flu season, it is likely that many of these suspicions will eventually be negative.


Coronavirus in nubers

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) has prepared the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV website to monitor the current situation around the dreaded coronavirus in a clear and easy to understand form.


The page is vertically divided into three sections. In the left panel you can see the total number of confirmed diseases and their distribution by country and region. Below are two graphs representing the number of cases over time separately for China and the rest of the world.


The right panel shows the number of patients who died as a result of the disease and the number of those who have successfully cured. Below is an overview by province, where he clearly leads Hubei, whose capital is today probably everyone well known Wuhan.


Coronavirus in maps

The largest space has an interactive map that shows the number of confirmed cases in each region through circles. Click on a specific location to see more details such as region, country, date and time of last update, number of confirmed diseases, and death and cure rates.

It is evident from the map that the focus of the infection is China, where the virus spread to several provinces. Confirmed cases, however, were reported from virtually all continents except South America.


The reason for launching the website was to provide accurate and credible information about the spread of the virus. Data is provided by a number of official bodies, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and disease control and prevention centers in China, the USA and Europe. In addition to the map, all data is also available in the form of a continuously updated table.

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