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Intel is involved in building Metaverse

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With so many global brands joining the trend, Intel also shared its strategy.

Intel: existing systems are inadequate

The executives of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer said the company was working on software that would allow users to combine the computing power of devices from different manufacturers.

Raja Koduri, head of the Intel Accelerated Computing and Graphics Systems Group, noted that despite advances in computing power, the current system is inadequate.

This concept will require significantly more computing power, and Intel believes that its first entry point should be the use of unused computing power.

“The calculation needed to draw a photorealistic self or your environment needs to be done anywhere.

This means that your computers, your phone, peripheral networks, your mobile stations with certain computing resources and cloud computing must work together as an orchestra…

And all this element will create a wonderful metaverse. “

Raja Koduri

The programmer stressed that the software will work with competing devices provided they meet the industry standard.

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