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Market overview 1.4.| Bitcoin and NASDAQ – Monday’s growth erased! Where now?

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Market overview 1.4.| Bitcoin and NASDAQ - Monday's growth erased! Where now?

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Monday´s growth has already been cleared. Will the world markets save the support trend line, or is it the beginning of a major downturn? And a question that concerns all cryptocurrency fans: Will Bitcoin be added?


Cryptocurrency market currently has a total market value of $ 180 billion. The decline from high in 2020 is $ 126 billion and bitcoin dominance is 65.5%.


The best growth yesterday was:



Waves (WAVES) $1,00 USD (21,03%)




Bytecoin (BCN) $0,000228 USD (7,85%)




Ren (REN) $0,045640 USD (7,43%)




IOTA (MIOTA) $0,153649 USD (6,20%)


The biggest drop was recorded:



HedgeTrade (HEDG) $1,53 USD (-5,68%)


Nervos Network


Nervos Network (CKB) $0,004075 USD (-5,52%)




Steem (STEEM) $0,159136 USD (-3,73%)




Bytom (BTM) $0,056229 USD (-3,16%)


World markets yeterday


SP500: -0,9 %. NASDAQ: -0,28 %.  OIL: -1 %. GOLD: -2,3 %. DOW J.: -0,75 %


The following chart shows Nasdaq’s performance in 2020. The chart shows a loss of up to 30% since the high of 2020. This loss has now decreased as central banks began to release huge amounts of money to support the fight against the recession.


Market overview 1.4.| Bitcoin and NASDAQ - Monday's growth erased! Where now?


Today we are slightly lost on the world market and are heading for the support line. At the moment we almost erased Monday’s growth. Bitcoin also dropped slightly following the pattern of NASDAQ.


[BTC / USD] In 2020 to present value: -10,45%


Bitcoin climbed again above $ 6,000 yesterday after falling to $ 5,850 this weekend. It is currently 6,480 USD. As we can see, the channel is still unchanged and the $ 5,800 support remains valid. Resistance is at $ 6,800-7,100 – not even this value does not change, so Bitcoin can go within this channel. It’s good that the bulls calmed down. But if they fail to break resistance, there will be a big fall to $ 5,500.


Market overview 1.4.| Bitcoin and NASDAQ - Monday's growth erased! Where now?


Today, we have slowed in growth because world markets are in a slight fall. The market is slowly starting to form an arch and this week we expect a decline to $ 6,000. But everything will depend on world markets. According to NASDAQ, we have a strong support line here and we may find our way up tomorrow, but I’m still quite skeptical about continuing growth.


Selected coins from top capitalization yesterday:



Bitcoin (BTC) $6 177,23 USD (1,22%)




Ethereum (ETH) $131,97 USD (0,01%)




XRP (XRP) $0,157134 USD (1,25%)


Bitcoin Cash


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $212,02 USD (0,97%)




Litecoin (LTC) $38,40 USD (0,26%)



Current price

[crypto coins=”BTC” columns=”1″]

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