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Market overview 9.4.|BTC + BCH: Win of the Day, HALVING on Bitcoin Cash ?!

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Market overview 9.4.|BTC + BCH: Win of the Day, HALVING on Bitcoin Cash ?!

overview of terms

We are currently focusing on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. One of the top 100 coins by capitalization went through halving.

Crypto markets currently has a total market value of USD 208 billion. The decline from high in 2020 is $ 98 billion and bitcoin dominance is 64.4%.

The best growth yesterday was:



Seele (SEELE) $0,080839 USD (41,70%)


Bitcoin SV


Bitcoin SV (BSV) $214,55 USD (13,95%)


Bitcoin Gold


Bitcoin Gold (BTG) $8,68 USD (9,31%)


Nervos Network


Nervos Network (CKB) $0,005976 USD (8,63%)


The biggest drop was recorded:



CyberVein (CVT) $0,036894 USD (-7,97%)


Synthetix Network Token


Synthetix Network Token (SNX) $0,763201 USD (-3,53%)




Nexo (NEXO) $0,116864 USD (-3,30%)


World markets yeterday

SP500: 3,06 %. NASDAQ: 2,06 %. GOLD: 0,31%. DOW J.: 2,85 %

[BTC / USD] In 2020 to present value: +2,7%

Many investors, cryptocurrency fans and Bitcoin fans in particular will be interested in the current process. Which values ​​need to be monitored? The technical analysis is clear about this, the closest resistance we see at $ 7,700. We then have support for $ 7,000. As we can see in the graph, Bitcoin has been in the $ 7,300 band for more than 30 hours. There is a chance to drop to $ 7,000 and by confirming support, the bulls will have the power to attack $ 7,700. But there is also the possibility that bulls will not have to advocate support and go straight to $ 7,700. We have 2 scenarios, the great thing is that they both count on growth.

Market overview 9.4.|BTC + BCH: Win of the Day, HALVING on Bitcoin Cash ?!

ONLY world markets can affect and send Bitcoin below USD 7,000 and thus break the support. It is therefore necessary to monitor stocks and mainly world indices such as NASDAQ, DOW J. or SP500. In the event of a significant decline, a short break from the BTC should be considered. I would set the Stop Loss below 7,000 USD support. Beware of bull trap. Good luck.

[BCH / USD] In 2020 to present value: +32%

We currently see values ​​for BCH at 269 USD. Its resistance starts at $ 305. Many will watch the BCH to try to predict the price of Bitcoin and how it will react after the halving that awaits us in a month. BCH can tell a lot about the future value of BTC after halving, because it is, of course, a hardforked coin from Bitcoin.

Market overview 9.4.|BTC + BCH: Win of the Day, HALVING on Bitcoin Cash ?!


Selected coins from top capitalization yesterday:



Bitcoin (BTC) $7 168,07 USD (0,10%)




Ethereum (ETH) $163,56 USD (0,36%)


Bitcoin Cash


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $264,48 USD (2,99%)


Bitcoin SV


Bitcoin SV (BSV) $215,22 USD (14,16%)


Current price

[crypto coins=”BTC,BCH” columns=”2″]

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