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Pro-BTC Senator Cynthia Lummis invites miners to Wyoming – “We want you”

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U.S. lawmaker and BTC supporter Cynthia Lummis said cryptocurrency miners are welcome in Wyoming. In a recent interview, the senator defended BTC’s carbon footprint and later invited miners to her home state on social media.

BTC mining is already adapted to carbon-free energy

With the ongoing intervention in cryptocurrency mining in China, companies operating in this sector are actively seeking friendlier jurisdictions to relocate their operations. Some promising destinations have emerged in the United States, with prominent examples now include Texas and Florida. Both states can offer crypto miners access to available energy.


Wyoming, which has maintained a positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies for some time, could easily become another BTC mining hotspot. Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis, a well-known BTC supporter, recently invited miners to the state on Twitter.

Lummis posted an excerpt from an interview with CNBC at the Financial Advisor Summit on Twitter on Saturday, in which she defended the environmental impact of BTC. The senator mentioned research conducted at the University of Cambridge, according to which BTC mining uses approximately 40% of renewable energy, while in the extraction of other cryptocurrencies this indicator is only 12%. She emphasized:

“BTC mining is already environmentally friendly to carbon-free energy sources.”

BTC is not an energy criminal, says Cynthia Lummis

A representative of the state of Wyoming in the US Senate also focused on the “behind-the-scenes innovation” of the cryptocurrency mining industry and gave the example of her own energy-rich state. Wyoming is an oil and gas producer. BTC miners help use gas that would otherwise enter the atmosphere through mobile production platforms that can be installed and operated close to the source.

“I would say – don’t rate BTC as an energy criminal. There are a lot of things going on that prove the opposite, “the senator concluded.

There is a race in the US to attract cryptocurrency miners, during which Miami Mayor Francis Suarez also recently tried to lure mining companies leaving China. “Hey, we want you to be here,” Suarez told them in another interview with CNBC, stressing that his region relies on nuclear power, which is a source of clean and cheap electricity.

Do you expect many cryptocurrency miners to move from China to the United States?


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