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Vasco chooses Binance to launch NFT collection

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After choosing the BTC Market to debut in the world of cryptocurrencies by launching a token backed by players trained by the team, Vasco da Gama will now launch a collection of NFTs together with Binance.

The team from Rio, one of the biggest in Brazil, announced a partnership with the exchange to put on the air its NFTs portal. The platform will feature tokens that will recall the club’s history of anti-racist struggle.

As highlighted by Vasco, the tokens are a reinterpretation of the Historical Response in an Afrofuturist aesthetic. The action is a tribute to Black Consciousness Day.

According to Vasco, this special series aims to mark the date and also its debut in the NFTs universe.

In addition to Binance, the “Mirror… from 1924 to the future!” initiative! counts on the collaboration of BrasilNFT and brings 5 ​​NFTs.

The project was conceived by Helio Ricardo Rainho, Ethnographer and Master in History and Cultural Goods, and by the visual artist Juan Calvet.

Vasco and NFTs

Vasco is known for actively participating in the anti-racist struggle, since the first years of its history. The most emblematic case occurred in 1924. In that year, the club refused to sign the official letter that tried to ban black players from the League.

Thus, the NFTs will remember the card that became known as the Historical Response. Almost 100 years later, the feat is still a source of great pride for Vasco fans.

“Binance is very excited about this partnership. More and more we see an interesting movement in football clubs entering the crypto universe. We are very proud, especially for this collection. We understand how the fight against racism is extremely important on the global stage. So, to see Vasco using blockchain to spread this message is very gratifying”, said Mayra Siqueira, general manager of Binance in Brazil.

In addition, Vasco already has in mind several actions involving NFTs. A collaborative children’s NFT and actions involving augmented reality and metaverse are in Vasco’s plans.

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