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Zcash now supports anonymous transactions on smartphones

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The developers of the Electric Coin Company, the official creator of Zcash, have released a complete software development kit that allows anonymous transactions to be made on Apple or Android mobile devices.

Zcash (ZEC) is the second most popular privacy coin, just behind Monero. Trading this cryptocurrency is just above $ 450 million according to KMP.

Previously, this privacy technology was disabled because it required 2.9 GB of free phone memory. While there were mobile wallets for Zcash, they only facilitated non-anonymous transactions.

In October last year, the upgrade of the entire system, called Sapling, reduced the phone’s memory requirements several times and the first anonymous mobile device technology for ZEC was released six months later.

Now, users can send Zcash via smartphones, which will significantly increase the efficiency of this privacy coin.

According to the Electronic Coin Company, software development is still under way and many improvements are expected. In addition to the new upgrades, the company also introduced compatible services that are tailored specifically for mobile clients.


Following this announcement, Zcash has the potential to increase acceptance and competitiveness with privacy coin Monero. Could increase ZEC price.

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