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Chromia: New record | NFT World welcomes $ CHR

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Chromia, a project we had already talked about a few months ago on the occasion of its first big bull run, regains the center of the stage, thanks to a growth that is among the most impressive of the day.

A complicated trading day for the main cryptocurrencies by capitalization, which however left an important space for altcoin still low market cap to grow significantly.

Chromia flies thanks to NFTs – convention has started

Chromia is a stand-alone blockchain in layer 1, but it also offers a layer 2 compatible with EVM of ETH and with the Binance Smart Chain. Interoperability at the highest levels, which is already a technologically very interesting point of this system.

There’s more though – why Chromia, during an October full of news, it actually opened in a decisive way to the niche of the moment, i non-fungible tokens. From the collaboration with MyNeopleAlice, one of the projects we have pointed out for some time as the most interesting in the segment metaverse, up to the participation, in these days, at the convention of New York dedicated to NFT.

An exhibition that was worth a lot in terms of price – with the new all-time high achieved in a anything but strong day for the cryptocurrency market – with BTC and also ETH which have heavily retraced from the highs, local and otherwise, of the last trading days.

The solidity of the Chromia project

Technologically we are in front of one of the experiments most interesting of the cryptocurrency sector of 2021, a year that has already been very prolific by Announcements. The fact of being able to interact with the two best chain regarding i NFT today, that is ETH And BSC it is a great advantage, just as it is extremely interesting to have a layer 1 independent, which can be the basis for interesting independent developments, both technologically and financially.

The birth of the Chromia Originals, which aim to operate both as a standard NFT on the Chrosmia itself, both as an additional layer for ERC 721 And BEP 721 opens up to decidedly interesting developments, in particular because it is at the center of a revolution which, despite the skeptics, will continue to dominate the market for a long time to come.

No surprise for this bull run: Chromia it is a project with still ample room for growth, whose market capitalization is still very far from the maximum it could reach. Who wants to invest in the world NFT and aiming at emerging projects and away from Mainstream have before their eyes what today could be the last call of Chromia. A leap up and we will be able to accumulate even minimal sums.

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