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NFT overview – Meta starts testing support for NFTs on Facebook…

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In case you haven’t been able to keep up with the latest news from the world of NFTs, here’s a brief selection of the ones that caught our attention the most.

From launches of new collections, to updates on platforms and other news about the crypto world, the idea is to bring an overview of what moved the market and caught the media’s attention during the week.

In today’s edition we bring you some news in the world of NFTs, including new Meta steps on Web3, a collection of NFTs by Kevin Hart and the launch of new tools for the Coinbase marketplace.

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Meta announces support for NFTs on Facebook

Meta is releasing support features for NFTs on Facebook as part of its goal to further explore Web3.

According to the images shown in the tweet by Navdeep Singh, Product Manager at Meta, Facebook users’ profiles would have a tab called “digital collectibles” in which they could display their NFTs.

At the moment, Meta has only started a slow rollout that allows a select set of creators in the United States to publish their digital collectibles on the platform.

Meta stated that creators will not be charged fees for posting or sharing a digital collectible.

For the NFT display feature, Facebook will begin testing with ETH and Polygon, but will soon add support for tokens from Solana and Flow networks.

Kevin Hart announces release of NFTs collection

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart is also venturing into the metaverse and with NFTs as part of his animated series “Confessions from the Hart”. Hartbeat, your media company, will release a limited edition NFTs based on this animated series on Roku Channel.

His fans will be able to access his content, which includes a series of almost immensely improvised video stories about Hart’s career and life, on his Instagram feed.

On July 7, following his 43rd birthday the day before, Hart will release his debut NFT collection, in which he will appear alongside the animated characters in a 30-minute special.

The 10,000 different NFTs will be available at for $65 each and token holders will receive exclusive benefits for in-person and virtual experiences such as extra content and tickets to the actor’s upcoming comedy tour.

Coinbase Enhances NFTs Marketplace

Coinbase announced in October that it would launch an NFT buying and selling platform, and in May it launched the open version of the marketplace to the public.

The platform now includes dollar pricing along with the ETH price of each NFT, “Bulk Manage NFTs” to group NFTs by collection, an Insights page to easily track, track and discover emerging NFT collections, and much more.

It also added rarity filters, an artist-followed feed and the ability for users to connect up to 10 crypto wallets to a single Coinbase NFT account, as well as support for the ERC-1155 token.

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